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Dott. Prof. Adolfo Panfili
Adolfo Panfili (born July 28, 1955) is an Italian surgeon, founder and director of the first Italian Robotic Spine Center. He is one of the world's leading robotic spine surgeons at International Academy for Robotic Spine Surgery  where he developed with “Sapienza University of Rome” the master's  degree for surgeons, biomedical engineers and paramedics in the field of  minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery, having pioneered many  new techniques and technologies.
Panfili is of Italian origin. He was born in Rome and studied  Medicine at “Sapienza University” in Rome where he obtained the Degree  of MD. Since 2004 he has become strongly identified as Counselor for  Nutrition and Quality of the Italian Product for the Ministry of  Agriculture in Italy since 2006 and is recognized internationally as an  Expert on Scientific Projects of Public Utility, innovative reforms to  health systems globally. He is married to Valeria with whom he has two  children, Ildebrando and Delfina.

1985: Researcher at the Catholic University in the Special Unit for the Anterior Approach to Spine Surgery.
1986: Scientific Observer of the football team “Los Angeles Rams” in  Los Angeles during the N.F.L. championship (National Football League).
1986: Founder of the “Italian Medical Review”.
1986: Director of the “Amino acid Metabolism Research Center” (1996-1988), Rome.
1987: Medical Supervisor for the National Rugby Team of Italy”.
1988: Founder of the “International Orthomolecular Medical  Association (A.I.M.O.) on assignment by Professor Linus Pauling (Nobel  Prize for Chemistry and Peace).
1989: Visiting Professor at the Josè Juri Clinic in Buenos Aires (Argentine) for reconstructive surgery.
1990: Visiting Professor at the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York,  Master Degree in Reconstructive Surgery of the eye, face and neck.
1991: Honoris-Causa Degree conferred from Pro-Deo University, Rhode  Island, NY (USA) for research on amino acidic metabolism in severe  stressed patients.
1993: Professor at the ACAM (American College for the Advancement of Medicine).
1993: Certificate Chiropractor in BEST technique and Network Spinal Analysis.
1997-1999: Medical director of the “Venice Soccer Team”, Venice, Italy.
2001: Homotoxicology and Homeopathy Degree obtained in Germany.
2001: Professor in the Biomedical Department of Science of the  University of the Studies of Siena, School of medicine and dentistry.
2001: Tutor for the Rome Medical Order for EEC in Homeopathy and Acupuncture.
2003: Teacher in the master's degree of Natural Medicine at the Tor  Vergata University of Rome, School of Medicine and Dentistry.
2004: Scientific advisor for the Ministry of Agricultural Policies for “Nutrition and the Agricultural Product in Italy”.
2004: General Coordinator of the Yak Project: The breeding of the yak  for the recovery of the alpine marginal areas: study of the adaptation  and appraisal of the characteristics of the products for the Ministry of  the Agricultural and Forest Policies, realized by C.R.A., Institute of  Zootechnology.
2005: Scientific director of the magazine “Sports & Health”.
2006: Director of the project “Research on the Effects of Hypoxic  Interval Training in the Hyperbaric Chamber following the exposure to  sub maximal and maximal exercise at high altitude” in collaboration with  the Aeronautical and Space Flight Centre - Medical Unit, Pratica di  Mare, Pomezia (Rome).
2006: : Medical responsible and participant to the Italian Himalayan  Scientific Expedition to the Pyramid Laboratory of National Center for  Research (CNR) K2-Everest, Mt Everest.
2007: Italian Himalayan Scientific Expedition (Sigma Tau) in the  Khumbus Valleys at the base Camp of Amadablan for the study of posture  and cellular ageing in high altitude. 2007: Professor of Sanitary and  Hygiene Management master's degree, at the “Sapienza University” of  Rome.
2008: Delegate of the Mayor of Rome for the ASL (Local Health System).
2008: Professor at the Occupational medicine master's degree on the  “Quality of life in the working place”, “Sapienza University” of Rome.
2008: Director of the “Research Project on the Environment,  Nutrition, Employment and Energy Resources”, “Sapienza University” of  Rome.
2009: Coordinator of the Commission for Epidemiology of the City of  Rome by the Environment Department for the quality of air control for  Sustainable Mobility.
2008: Member of the Committee for Health Survey ruled by President On. Cesare Cursi.
2009: General Coordinator of the Scientific Committee for the working  team for the Epidemiology Mobility in Rome (, for  Rome.
2009: Member of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) Expert database.
2009-2011: Delegated by the Mayor of Rome for Health Politics.
2010: Member of School nutrition board for the city of Rome.
2015: Won Leonado Da Vinci Award for his humanitarian scientific  effort in the world to protect children with cerebral neurological  damage
2016: Prize from the World Organization for the Achievement of the  Human Potential, for his contribution to improve the humanity's quality  of life.
Panfili and his Department were awarded the highly prestigious AEREC  Excellence Award for their work on Surgical Robots. He has also  delivered many prestigious and named lectures around the globe.
Dr Panfili and his team are involved in the project of one of the  world’s leading Regenerative Medicine Centre, and they offer the most  exclusive and advanced updated personalized rejenerative therapies in  the world . This unique approach of professor Adolfo Panfili provides  natural and long-lasting results. In the next future prominent interest  of Médecine will be oriented on Stem cells . Autologous SC are  undifferentiated multipotent cells that can be used especially for  chondral lesions, i.e. those of cartilage, a problem with a strong  social impact given from the large number of affected individuals, with  pain and TMJ disorders that limit every day’s and working life. Their  services will include cryopreservation and expansion of cells so as to  use them in a high-quality anti-aging treatments, reconstructive surgery  for spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, discs together with rehydration  of tissues, cartilage, bones and ligaments. Autologous Stem cells in  orthopaedics according to Prof Panfili's philosophy allow the  regeneration of bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, and functional  recovery of joints.
The cure with stem cells is minimally invasive, therefore shorter,  more economic and more effective, because unlike what occurs with the in  vitro cultivation and replanting, with this technique, we can  reconstruct also the underlying bone. The cells have the need to be  "channeled" in the area to be treated through a solid support that  serves as a frame (scaffold) for growth. After treatment with MSC, the  patient is moved immediately to model the "scaffold" and reduce the  possibility of intra-articular adhesions.
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